ERM Seminar: Are You at Risk? Catastrophic Event Prevention as the Market Recovery Begins

Thursday, 26 January 2017
4pm - 6pm

Join the discussion with our expert panel of sector leaders’ in a session about the management of catastrophic risks at a time of careful cost management but cautious optimism.

80% of accidents have human action at their root cause – how is the mining industry investing to eliminate the potential for human error?

As the industry emerges from the commodity downturn and manages the ‘new normal’ cost management priorities, how are companies managing the risk of catastrophic hazards?

The session will provide an opportunity to examine industry practices and learn from one another’s experiences in maintaining secure and credible mining assets.

We hope you will join us to make this a dynamic exchange of viewpoints and experiences. Please feel free to forward this invitation to a colleague. You are invited to submit questions for the panel during online registration.

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss and network with industry leaders, and to share and learn from others responding to these growing challenges.

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