ERM CDP Emerging Trends Webinar

14 November 2017
1:00 - 2:00pm

2017 has been a roller-coaster for corporate climate strategy in the United States from the physical effects of natural disasters to the policy confusion around Paris.

In this webinar, we reviewed some of what happened in 2017, including changes and results from the 2017 CDP cycle, as well as began to answer the question of what is coming in 2018.

Specifically, this webinar delved into some of the emerging trends such as CDP’s Reimagined Disclosure and the Task Force on Climate Related Disclosure (TCFD) to help companies continue to evolve their approach to developing a climate strategy and be leaders on the CDP.

Key Topics

We covered the following topics including:

  • Contextualizing climate change within the evolving American landscape - emerging drivers, activist investors, and federal programs
  • What does it take to stay a leader? CDP trends from 2017 
  • What is CDP doing in the reimagining disclosure process for 2018? 
  • Insights for your next response

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