ERM and EAM Tunisia webinar: Renewable Projects in Tunisia

14 December 2017
13.00 - 14:00 CET

Are you developing renewable projects in Tunisia?

Are you interested in anticipating and minimizing environmental and social potential challenges of renewables projects in Tunisia? Are you interested on enhancing opportunities for your renewable projects in Tunisia?

ERM and its partner in Tunisia EAM present this webinar that will be focused on reviewing the main environmental and social regulatory requirements in Tunisia for renewables projects, regulatory trends, main sensitivities of the areas with higher potential for renewables, and main topics to be considered towards international finance.

Topics will include:

  • Regulatory Context of renewables in Tunisia
  • Environmental and Social sensitivities
  • International finance
  • Recommendations

The webinar can help to better understand the challenges and opportunities of developing renewables projects in Tunisia and how these may impact the project and, in turn, to better understand how these can be efficiently managed - ultimately enhancing the sustainability of the project.


Paola Quijano
Partner, ERM

Javier Odriozola
Technical Director, ERM

Donia Mejri
Technical Specialist, EAM Tunisia

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