ERM and Bracewell Webinar series: Materials

With so much happening at the US EPA all at once, ERM and Bracewell believe it will help the regulated community to have a forum for concise updates to aid in understanding and managing the business impacts and opportunities that these clean air reforms create. In addition to our June webinars, and our February 8th webinar on the reversal of USEPA’s once in, always in MACT policy, ERM and Bracewell will host another webinar in September to keep you up to date on additional policy changes throughout the year.

January: Making the most of the latest improvements

ERM and Bracewell's next edition of our webinar series on Clean Air Act policy changes focused on the business impacts of recent clean air policy memos, guidance, and other regulatory activity from USEPA.

The January 17th webinar included insights, recommendations, and real world examples around the following key topics:

  • Oct. 18th Common Control clarification
  • Nov. 15th Project Aggregation final rule
  • Latest insights on ACE 1-hr NSR test
  • Revised Policy on Exclusions from “Ambient Air”
  • Summary of court proceedings to date

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ERM and Bracewell Webinar series 2018

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