EHSS Tech Summit Series: Navigating Risk Management

On a quarterly basis, ERM convenes Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHSS) Leaders from global tech companies to enable peer-to-peer sharing on emerging topics centered on building value, managing risks and emerging opportunities. These invite-only summits are geared towards executives that are responsible for mitigating risk, growing revenues, building intangible value and managing costs through a business outcome-driven approach to EHSS.

Creating a Sustainable Multidiscipline Risk Management Program: Navigating Change in a Digital Era

Thursday, 19 September 2019
2:00-5:30pm PDT, followed by a networking reception

In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, organizations are operating in a more complex environment than ever. Managing risk - whether it’s financial, operating, strategic, regulatory, environmental, reputational or geopolitical - is essential to thriving in this new operating environment.

The objective for many leading firms is not to identify and address all risks, but to have the strategic capability to make informed decisions on managing the risks that matter. The organizational capability required to understand, control, and articulate the nature and level of risks taken in delivering business strategies has become the number one priority in the board room and is on the minds of top CEOs and EHSS leaders alike.

During the summit, attendees will gain perspectives and insights from executives and subject matter experts on how to enable strategic insights on emergent risks, proactively manage existing risks and improve risk mitigation results. The discussion and case studies will specifically focus on:

  • Governance and Culture
  • Strategy and Objective Setting
  • Operational & Process Performance
  • Technology Monitoring and Reporting

Using a combination of highly facilitated group dialogue, plenary sessions and presentations, attendees will learn how to best:

  • Evaluate risk governance effectiveness
  • Identify potential gaps in risk identification/prioritization
  • Assess effectiveness of compliance risk management processes and decision support capabilities
  • Define actionable recommendations to minimize exposure
  • Enable your team to better understand enterprise risk management best practices
  • Facilitate risk management capabilities gap analysis
  • Action planning to improve risk management practices

Registration closes Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 5pm.


We are pleased to announce our Tech Summit speaker lineup including an engaging case study and a plenary session with leaders from some of the most iconic companies in the industry.

  • Pam Cox - Worldwide Director of EHS, Verizon
  • Tim Leahy - Global Director of Corporate EHS, Facebook
  • Andrew Martin - Manager of Corporate EHS, Netflix
  • Steven Proctor - VP of Audit and Risk Management, Flex

ERM Contact

For more information on this event, or if you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Hughes-White at [email protected].

Past Summits

April 2019: EHSS Operating Models and Organizational Re-design: Don’t Start with the Org Chart!
This summit focused on EHSS organizational design taking a holistic approach across people, process and technology. During this workshop, participants explored the importance of EHS monetizing their impact to the business and that in the technology sector, businesses move fast and is always changing, EHS has to change at the same speed.

October 2018: ESG Disclosure: Market Trends and Strategic Opportunities
Attendees at this event shared their own evolution in the field of corporate responsibility and how they are developing strategic initiatives and partnerships to further our collective efforts toward sustainability. Key topics addressed during this summit were approaches to measure, manage and report on their sustainability performance, building strategic business cases for greater ESG disclosure, and understanding how collaborations and partnerships benefit the overall sustainability field.

July 2018: Maximizing an EHS Competency Assurance Framework
This summit focused on creating a framework to ensure employees and contractors are operationally ready to perform tasks, without error or incident. A competency assurance framework is something top EHSS leaders leverage to not only ensure compliance, but also inject active engagement.

February 2018: Creating and Communication the Value of the EHSS Function
This summit focused on creating and communicating a strong value proposition of the EHSS function. During this interactive workshop which included an industry panel, participants explored the reasons of needing a value proposition, what elements go into creating a strong descriptor, and how to most effectively communicate your value proposition to leadership.

October 2017: Managing EHSS Risks in the Tech Sector
This first summit kicked off the series with a roundtable discussion on some key themes in EHSS. The group engaged in great discussions on Resilience: Designing and EHSS organization, Safety: Dealing with the shifting paradigm, and Risk: Managing social and reputation.

If you have missed any of the past summits, please reach out to Stephanie Hughes-White to get connected to any of the speakers at these past summits.


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