Upcoming Events in Central Europe – March 2015 to May 2015

02 April 2015

ERM is hosting several client events and webinars as well as presenting at at conferences in early 2015 focused on the Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

ERM Webinar: Environmental Liability Legislation in Europe - What's New for FY16?

14 April 2015, 14:00 to 15:00

Article 8 of The EU Energy Efficiency Directive ( 2012/27/EU ) – introduces the requirement for Member States to ensure that large enterprises undertake energy audits and/or implement energy management systems by December 2015.

ERM will be providing a 40 minutes webinar with a 20 minutes Q&A session to provide an overview of the progress of this transposition and address smart options to managing compliance in multiple Member States. The aim is that clients become more familiar with the scale of the challenge across Europe and to showcase how ERM can help.

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ERM 2015’s Global Remediation Management Workshop

23rd – 24th April 2015, Glion-sur-Montreux, Switzerland

This is the latest in a series of successful Global Remediation Management Workshops that provide the opportunity for senior managers to gather together and discuss the challenges of contaminated site management. These challenges are heightened given the continued economic constraints following the global crisis and the on-going scrutiny on managing corporate reserves and cash flow. ERM facilitates the workshops, but the agenda and content is largely driven by the participants. The event will appeal to those who appreciate sharing experiences with peers and learning from each other.

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9th German African-Energy Forum 2015

4 - 5 May 2015, Hamburg, Germany

ERM will contribute within the panel discussion. ERM is contributing to this forum due to the increasing need for ESG-related services in Africa. ERM is expanding in Africa and is servicing key clients in the region.

Investing in Africa is a hot topic, now more than ever, and so are financial, and ESG associated risks therewith. However, often the potential for related opportunities is overlooked. ERM is organizing an panel discussion that will take place at the Energy Forum in Hamburg on 05 May and discusses the issues of financial, environmental, social & governance issues in the context of project developments / investments in Africa.

The Panel will be preceded by short presentations to enable a discussion on the most effective ways to navigate in a sea of risks and opportunities. In light of recent experience, the panel will address key issues such as: the do's and don'ts in (project) finance, the best way to handle the various and numerous financial and ESG risks, and how to identify and successfully implement related opportunities.

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5th Global Infrastructure Basel Summit 2015

27 - 28 May 2015, Basel, Switzerland

The focus of the 5th GIB Sustainable Infrastructure Summit is “Transforming momentum into real impact”. High level speakers such as mayors, ministers, investors, developers, credit rating agencies, sustainability experts, etc. will tackle current issues. Additionally, there will be real investment opportunities where infrastructure projects in need of financing present their projects.

ERM is presenting on “How to Avoid Project Delays and Create Opportunities for Investors” - Opportunities and Risks from an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective.

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