ERM Client Alert: Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) Water Disclosure Initiative

06 January 2011

ERM’s Sustainability and Climate Change team has collaborated with the CDP to develop the inaguaral Water Disclosure Report 2010.

The CDP launched its global Water Disclosure program in 2009. The program aims to provide information to institutional investors, which will enable them to evaluate companies’ business risks and opportunities associated with water scarcity and related water issues. The CDP’s intent is to provide valuable insight into the water strategies employed by many of the world’s largest companies and will be used to help drive investment toward sustainable water use.

In 2010, the CDP Water Disclosure Project sent its first questionnaire on water management to over 300 of these large corporations in sectors that are water intensive or are particularly exposed to water-related risks. Participating sectors include chemical, fast moving consumer goods, food and beverage, mining, paper and forest products, pharmaceuticals, power generation and semiconductor manufacturing. The survey, sent on behalf of 137 institutional investors with a combined US$16 trillion in assets, asked these companies to measure and disclose information on:

  • their water management and governance;
  • the water-related risks and opportunities in their own operations and supply chains; and
  • their water withdrawals, discharges and intensity.

The ERM team of dedicated water sustainability experts has worked with CDP to co-author the inaguaral Water Disclsoure Report. The response rates have been hugely encouraging. ERM analyzed all submission from a large number of water-intensive sectors and from 25 countries.

The report, officially launched on Friday 12th November 2010 at Bloomberg’s central London offices and online via the CDP’s website ( will not only be a key resource for the investment community, but will also allow businesses to review the current trends in global corporate water management practices. To support the global dissemination of the report, ERM has initiated a programme of global events in collaboration with CDP.

How can ERM help position your company to gain or maintain competitive advantage?
ERM will help you formulate a clear understanding of your current position and identify water risks and opportunities. From there, your organization can make appropriate changes based on the strategy we help you develop.

Download the full client alert Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) Water Disclosure Initiative (103KB PDF)  

ERM Client Alert: Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) Water Disclosure Initiative

Learn about Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) Water Disclosure Initiative, how ERM can help your company and the benefits to expect.