Observation and Insights from EUEC 2015

10 March 2015

EUEC 2015, the Energy, Utility and Environmental Conference and Expo, is the largest conference of its kind in the United States and a key platform for the power industry to meet, share information on the challenges facing the power industry, and discuss solutions for advancing our nation’s energy future.

The Power Sector faces unprecedented challenges, most recently with respect to EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, which is directly at odds with this nation’s historic reliance on coal for base load generation. A recurring theme at EUEC focused on necessary improvements to the CPP to ensure both grid reliability and industry viability. In his keynote address early in the conference, for example, Ameren’s CEO provided suggestions for improving the CPP intended to allow the industry to recover the billions of dollars it has expended in recent years on environmental improvements without stranding assets. Specifically, while coal unit operators spend billions to comply with new air, water and waste regulations, the proposed CPP’s targets are to be achieved primarily from a reduction in coal-fired generation.

ERM attended the event and contributed thought leadership on a number of key themes which are creating challenges for our clients. ERM leaders spoke about the complexity of the regulatory regime facing the industry and the often opposing pressures the existing coal fleet faces through our famous “Old Smokey Power Plant” simulation. We addressed critical air permitting and modeling issues, and made recommendations for improving the regulatory process.

Download ERM's top line view of the key themes, observations and insights from EUEC 2015

ERM Observations And Insights from EUEC 2015

Download ERM's top line view of the key themes, observations and insights from EUEC 2015