Sustainability Assessments for Better Projects: An ERM guide for business

04 January 2011

Sustainability Assessments: asking the right questions and answering them. Meeting the challenge of unexpected delays, unanticipated requirements and new expectations.

Working through the planning system to get a major project completed can be time consuming and expensive.

Funding aside, convincing planning authorities or regulators that your project is economically viable, environmentally sustainable, socially desirable and beneficial to communities is a business
in itself. Regulations have grown more prescriptive when it comes to determining what kind of environmental and social impact assessment is required for different types of development.

A developer knows that the level of detailed information required in environmental, social and health impact assessments is increasing from one year to the next and the mitigation measures required for large projects are becoming increasingly onerous. Authority expectations can and do differ and demonstrating compliance is increasingly just not enough to gain planning consent. The impacts on reputation and budget from project delays or even planning refusal can be significant.

A developer can help this situation by providing information which shows exactly how a project contributes to the authority’s established commitments and responsibilities, as well as pre-empt wider stakeholder issues and expectations. In so doing, the developer can also assume greater control over what refinements are or are not made to the project proposal, and, critically, plan for these up-front.

Positioning the project to make explicit its contribution to sustainability not only minimises objections but also demonstrates consistency with corporate strategy, protects your reputation and enhances your social licence to operate. Enter the Sustainability Assessment.

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Sustainability Assessments for Better Projects

Learn more about Sustainability Assesments and the value they bring to project management, as well as ERM's approach.