Case Study: Siam Cement Group


Review Environmental, Health and Safety assurance and environmental performance across Thailand’s Siam Cement Group’s operations to give a clear picture of performance, and identify opportunities for improvement

Our Approach

Siam Cement Group (SCG) was founded by royal decree in1913. Since then it is has expanded its operations from cement manufacturing to include five strategic business units: chemicals, paper, cement, building materials and distribution.

SCG introduced an internal Environmental Performance Assessment Program (EPAP) in 2001. Initially focused on compliance and industry best practice, it now includes Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) data verification and business assurance review.

Since 2001, SCG has engaged ERM to undertake assessments for all SCG businesses and selected subsidiaries. Last year ERM reviewed EHS assurance across its five business groups and in addition, evaluated environmental performance and verified EHS data for its 17 subsidiaries.

Group challenges included limited human resources and internal data verification, diversity of activities and risks, conflicting sustainable development priorities and incomplete strategies for long-term environment targets (eg zero landfill and reduced greenhouse gas).

While ERM found that the business groups defined, managed and tracked the EHS performance of its subsidiaries, most were in the early development and implementation stages, with differing goals, action plans and assurance levels. Yet, most had established data management and reporting processes in collaboration with their business.
On the other hand, ERM found most subsidiaries well equipped to manage environmental risks, however those assessed for the first time had not yet integrated SCG’s EPAP into their business. ERM addressed good practice, data integrity and areas to achieve continual improvement in each subsidiary’s EPAP report.

Benefits and Value

By providing a clear picture of its various operations’ EHS performance, integrity and improvement opportunities, ERM has enabled SCG to pursue its goals with knowledge and confidence.

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