Case Study: Banpu Public Company Limited


Create a company-wide Contractor Management System to minimize risks across mining operations in Thailand, Indonesia, China and Laos for Banpu Public Company Limited.

Our Approach

Banpu Public Company Limited is a Thai-based power corporation. Its core and complementary business lines are coal mining and coal-fired power generation. Banpu has significant mining operations in Thailand, Indonesia, China and Laos.

Since 2003, ERM has provided Banpu with compliance, benchmarking, management system and environmental, health and safety (EHS) services. In 2006 Banpu identified the need to improve its contractor performance management.

ERM benchmarked Banpu’s mining contractor management performance against the world’s leading miners. The results formed the foundation of a Contractor Management System (CMS). CMS is a risk-based method that manages mining contractors consistently and facilitates commercial, technical, quality and EHS goals.

Since 2007 ERM has assisted Banpu develop a practical, company-wide CMS and guide its roll-out and verification across all of Banpu’s Indonesian mining operations.

Benefits and Value

In the short time since its implementation, CMS has provided clear contractor management framework and expectations and supported the engagement of new mining contractors.

Future improvements are expected in the areas of delivery of production volumes, project risk handling, legislative compliance, transparent issue management and EHS.

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