ERM is uniquely positioned to contribute to the sustainability of the environment and society through the expertise and commitment of our employees.

Sustainability describes what we do, day in and day out at ERM: within our own operations, how we deliver our projects, our company performance and through the services we provide to our clients.

At ERM sustainability is a commitment to supporting socioeconomic development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

As an organization of sustainability professionals, ERM is an important participant in conversations addressing global sustainability challenges. We encourage our employees the world over to be active in their professional associations, to share our innovative solutions for clients through leading conferences and publications, and to participate in organizations seeking to develop frameworks for managing the environmental, social and economic impacts of development. We also take leading roles in key organizations involved in sustainability.

Each year, we prepare a Sustainability Report to set out our performance in the previous year, and our goals for the years ahead.  This Report provides real insights into the ways in which we are helping our clients with their sustainability challenges, as well as how we seek to improve our own efforts each year.

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