Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical

Supporting companies to meet global sustainability challenges

Our Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Sector is incredibly diverse, supporting hundreds of high-profile multinational companies around the world.

To stay competitive, many of these clients are relocating, re-engineering, consolidating or expanding into new geographies – many of which come with new challenges.

ERM helps clients maximize the potential of globalization while minimizing their environmental and social impacts. Our services and solutions enable organizations to:

  • Assess environmental, health and safety liabilities during transactions;
  • Safely demolish redundant facilities and develop greenfield sites;
  • Address air, groundwater and soil contamination;
  • Drive operational efficiency into management systems; and
  • Embed robust ethical labor and health and safety practices across their business.

ERM and our clients in these sectors are also taking the lead on lifecycle and product sustainability, which means you will be at the forefront of a new era in corporate social responsibility.

By joining ERM, you could help shape the future of these sectors as it moves towards a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future.