Juliana Desidera

Principal Consultant and Team Manager with the Performance and Assurance Practice in Brazil

I really enjoy the daily challenges I face, manage and solve. Thanks to the good relationships I have with my local colleagues I can do this in a great working environment.

Why ERM?
I initially joined ERM as an intern in 1999 and started to work with Environmental Management Systems. After graduating in Civil Engineering in 2001, I was hired as a Level 1 Consultant in the Transaction Services Practice.

From the start I was attracted to ERM by the opportunities it provided to learn and develop and seized the challenges and opportunities before me. I could see a proper career path ahead of me and I focused on making the most of that. Now I have been invited to join the Partner-in-Training Program which for me illustrates how ERM has recognized my efforts during this long journey and my potential to become a leader within the company.

Now my daily activities include: managing projects (technically and administratively); inspiring my team; fostering great relationships with clients; developing proposals; and dealing with any challenges that occur across all of my varied projects. At the moment my projects range from supply chain Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) audits for a media and entertainment company to safety trainings for an international manufacturing company.

My exciting projects aren’t the only way in which opportunities are presented to me; ERM’s global footprint allows us to get to know other counties and cultures, as well as the ability to work as a global company.