Jones Wan

Senior Consultant with the Global Risk Practice in Hong Kong

The way in which we collaborate across geographies and practices and still deliver to our clients as one team, really sets ERM apart from the competition. Experts from around the world can easily communicate and work together in order to provide the best service possible. It also gives the people that work here the opportunity to fully utilize their skills and knowledge and to develop professionally.

With a PhD in Physics, I joined ERM after having worked as a scientist doing research in geosciences and optics, as well as teaching. Now I work as a project manager primarily for clients in the oil and gas sector, which fully utilizes my skills and knowledge in sciences and modeling. My role includes keeping track of project progress and ensuring they are delivered on time. As a team leader I also need to be fully aware of the challenges and difficulties my team may be facing, so that we can work together to address them.

I am currently working on QRA and explosion risk assessment work, using CFD modeling as well as helping to develop a global team of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) specialists and provide support to clients on CFD-related studies. Professionally I want to progress to become a technical lead, becoming an expert in my field and a go-to-person that my colleagues can rely on even more.

If I had to highlight the best thing about this job, it would be being able to work with clients from different industry sectors, as well as working with and getting the support of ERM's many experts in different offices around the world.