Alberto Rosso

Principal Consultant and Team Leader of the Transaction Services and Performance & Assurance practices in Italy

At ERM I have the chance to design my own personal development. With a culture of sharing and support, each project comes with its own rewards and opportunities. Every challenge makes each day different and my job exciting.

As team leader of the Performance Assurance and Transaction Practice in Milan, my role is to ensure an environment of cooperation and support, balancing the workload across the team according to personal skills, client needs and the types of project deliverables. If it wasn’t for ERM’s outstanding levels of collaboration between colleagues in the office and across practices and geographies, none of this would be possible.

An example of where this has worked to ensure the success of a large scale project is where I led an international transaction services project involving a portfolio of 486 site assets that needed to be assessed in three weeks. Leading a 15 strong team based in Italy and Germany, we applied innovative tools for the statistical CAPEX analysis, calculation and remote data transmission. Our electronic audit check list, reporting and optimized project process enabled the client to get quick and convenient decisions made during a major negotiation.

It was a particularly exciting, challenging and rewarding experience that depended on collaboration for it to succeed and led on to subsequent work including an intensive investigation and remediation campaign focused on soil, groundwater and asbestos containing material issues.