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There are many reasons why our clients continue to work with us, the primary being we help them all address their strategic and operational challenges in a more sustainable way. We provide innovative solutions from high level Group reviews to the detail of a local offshore impact assessment; while a number of companies can do some of this work, very few can do all of it.

Sustainability is all we do. The breadth of experience over our nearly 50 year history means we have an unrivalled track record and excel at taking on the more complex and challenging projects that others seem reluctant to.

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We have over 5,000 staff globally, who are motivated, highly qualified and experienced technical professionals, working alongside strategically focused advisors. The culmination of our people, knowledge, experience and the consistent value of what we do is recognized by many of the Fortune 500 with whom we have worked closely within the past 5 years.

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Health and Safety

We place an extraordinary focus on health and safety performance. We provide health and safety systems, processes, procedures, equipment and training for all ERM employees, enabling our work to be performed in a responsible manner. Every ERM employee and contractor is required to be an active participant in managing the safe execution of our work.

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