Over the past 21 years, the ERM Foundation has disbursed more than $3 million in grants to around 250 organizations on five continents.

During this time, more than 10,000 hours of technical pro bono support has been provided to nonprofit organizations and social enterprises globally. The ERM Foundation has expanded from being a single entity in the United States to a global program that engages ERM employees across the world.

The support provided by the ERM Foundation for communities comes through financial contributions, the allocation of pro bono time for technical and professional advice for nonprofit entities and social enterprises, and other backing through employee-led initiatives. In FY16, ERM contributed more than $1 million, which represents over 1 percent of prior year profits, towards global sustainability initiatives, primarily through the Foundation and its programs, which is one of our global targets.

The majority of the ERM Foundation's grant funds come from employee donations and locally organized fundraising events. ERM matches a portion of these contributions. In FY16, $535,000 was disbursed in grants to support 59 projects in 26 countries and territories.

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