Crowd funding for social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

This year, ERM Hong Kong co-hosted a crowdfunding event in conjunction with HK+Acumen and Filanthropy. The objective of the event was to raise funds and enable local social entrepreneurs to pitch business ideas that align with ERM Foundation priority areas. US$8,000 was raised during the evening, including matching funds from the ERM Hong Kong business unit.

Three local social enterprises pitched their ideas to the crowd of 160 guests:

  1. Growing Smart is a permaculture and educational organisation whose aim is to create an educational, organic farm

  2. Ocean Recovery Alliance works with local fishermen, providing an incentive-based reward system to the fisherman for collecting floating trash when they are at sea. Funding is also derived from selling clothing and products made from recycled bottles, in collaboration.

  3. Blue Sky Energy Technology works to reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions by providing user-friendly technologically for monitoring carbon emissions associated with energy consumption.

Use of funds:

GS used the funds from the event to construct a covered outdoor area to be used as the venue for their education programme at their site on Peng Chau, an outlying island of Hong Kong. Currently they have managed to harvest all the bamboo needed for the construction, put in place the structure foundations and assist with other logistics (shipping to Peng Chau) associated with the build.

ORA used the funds to set up their ‘Plastic Catch’ initiative in Hong Kong. The funds were used for stakeholder engagement with the local fishermen and enable ORA to gain trust and momentum for their project. ERM was able to further assist this project through sharing contacts for the local fishing community that have been garnered through our marine team’s projects in Hong Kong.

BSET has embarked upon energy audits of three restaurants in Hong Kong and their next step is to install energy sensors at the audited sites to monitor energy consumption. Also, as a follow up activity, ERM Hong Kong Principal Consultant Kalvin Lai sat on a panel of experts to evaluate Hong Kong University’s student proposals for energy conservation, an event that was led by BSET.

In the year ahead, ERM employees plan to hold another crowd funding event, with the objective of supporting young female entrepreneurs who are developing sustainable businesses.

Partner organizations: HK+Acumen and Filanthropy

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