In the Spotlight

ERM Sustainability report 2019

There is a growing sense of urgency within the business community about the sustainability challenges facing the world. 

Despite this sense of urgency, we are not moving fast enough. Pace and scale is required. We know ‘what’ needs to happen, and now need to focus on ‘how’ we can deliver the change that is required.

Our 2019 Sustainability Report sets out examples of how ERM is helping clients and other leading organizations to meet these challenges, as well as our own performance during fiscal year 2019 in managing key sustainability issues and targets identified through our materiality assessment.

This year, the Report is organized around the ways through which ERM has the most significant sustainability impact: The work we do with our clients around the world, how we operate at our 160+ offices, and our collaborations with others, including the ERM Foundation.

The Report also includes 50 case studies illustrating the ways in which we are helping business move from the WHAT to the HOW, and showcases photography from ERM employees in their projects and daily lives. 

Recent Insights

Comparing value chain GHG emissions in the power and transport sectors for selected technologies

The European Commission has recently published the EU Long-term Vision for a Climate Neutral Economy in which the EU aims to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. This study focuses on the contribution (and the potential for reduction) from the power generation and transport sectors.

ERM 2018 Global Safety Survey Report

In 2018, ERM undertook its first Global Safety Survey to explore emerging themes in safety, and to assess if there is a deeper shift in perceptions, and to bring fresh insight into the implications of these developments for organizational leaders and their safety functions.

A strategy to fundamentally improve safety and operational performance

A mining company’s new approach to safety excellence continues to drive operational performance improvement.