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ERM is hosting a number of webinars throughout the year focused on Air Quality and Climate Change issues. If you have missed any of our ongoing webinar series, you can now download the slides and view the recordings here.

ERM Webinar: Overview of Appendix W Changes

10 January 2017

The long awaited changes to the Federal Guideline on Air Quality Models (CFR Title 40, Part 51, Appendix W) were finalized on December 20, 2016. ERM scientists contributed to the body of research upon which the revisions to Appendix W were based and have been assessing the impacts of the changes since they were first proposed. During the public comment period, ERM assisted a number of individual companies and trade organizations with developing comments on the proposed changes.

ERM hosted a webinar that covered the changes were made to the Guideline, the implementation of the changes, ways to manage the transition to the new Guideline with current ongoing modeling and the implications of the changes to future modeling projects.

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ERM & Perkins Coie Webinar: Release Reporting Strategies & Emission Factor Changes

Perkins Coie and ERM hosted a webinar to help clients undertstand what enforcement risks of release reporting and how to reduce them. Our team covered important and nuanced differences between federally permitted releases, excess emissions reporting and continuous release reporting to help you better manage compliance and legal risks. They also provided legal and technical advice and solutions for covering those risks with the minimum effort and distraction.

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EPA Finalizes Landmark Subpart OOOOa Regulation Impacting Midstream and Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

On May 12th, USEPA issued final methane, VOC and air toxics rules for the oil and gas industry (NSPS OOOOa, Source Determination, Tribal FIP). On the same day, USEPA also issued a draft Information Collection Request (ICR) that will support future rulemaking for existing sources of VOC and methane.

ERM’s team of experts facilitated industry’s comments on these rules and hosted a webinar that covered:

  • How USEPA responded to comments;
  • The impact of the final rules on your operations;
  • How the ICR will work;
  • What the ICR signals for future regulation;
  • Smart approaches for completing the ICR, and
  • The latest enforcement activities.

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Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Issues for the Oil and Gas Industry Updates 

10 December 2015

ERM hosted a webinar a week past the December 4 close of the comment period for several important EPA proposals and at the close of the Paris COP21 climate talks. Topics covered in the webinar included:

  • Report out on methane initiative – post comment period
  • Enforcement Update – tank controls (see ERM client alert below)
  • Subpart W updates – Effective January 1, 2016
  • Early feedback from COP21

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Review of Final Refinery Sector Rule

15 October 2015

On September 29, 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final rule for hazardous air pollutant emissions from petroleum refineries. During this webinar, ERM experts reviewed the highlights of the final rule, along with the major changes from the proposed rule.  ERM also laid out a timeline and actions leading to compliance.

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Download ERM's client alert on the Final Refinery Sector Rule

Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Issues for the Oil and Gas Sector - Still More Regulations

10 September 2015

This webinar covers the revised and more inclusive New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), the Control Techniques Guidelines (CTG’s) for VOC emissions from existing sources, source Determination approach for grouping Major Sources for permitting and the Federal Implementation Plan (FIP) for operations in Indian Country.

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What to do about leak detection and repair

16 July, 2015

This webinar outlines the challenges and strategic approaches for understanding and resolving the business risk and operational impacts that are emerging around leak detection and repair. The presentation addresses these converging issues, timelines, technologies, planning options, our experience, and lessons learned from other industries’ LDAR history. 

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EPA’s SO2 Data Requirements Rule

12 May 2015

This webinar shares ERM's experience and insights on the issues faced by facilities impacted by the DRR and Consent Decree, focusing on the issues, timelines, and ERM’s approach to achieving attainment demonstrations.

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Air Quality Issues for U.S. Refineries

7 May 2015

Petroleum refineries are facing several pressing federal air quality regulatory deadlines in 2015, and numerous other major federal air quality regulatory changes are on the way. ERM's webinar shares experience and insights on the tough issues, appropriate resolutions, and ways to minimize the business impacts of these regulations. 

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