Our Vision:

By 2021 we will be the clear leader in our chosen markets, we will double in value and we will deliver on our promises to our clients, our people and our investors.

  • For our clients: This means demonstrably adding value to their business, working with them to solve their critical challenges and making a significant difference to their stakeholders.
  • For our people: This means attracting, inspiring, developing and rewarding our people to work with the best clients and on the biggest challenges, thus creating valuable careers.
  • For our investors: (including ERM partners) This means delivering strong returns to those that have chosen to invest in us today and the future.
  • For the planet and society in which we live: This means having a greater impact on the sustainability challenges that face us all.

Our Values:

  • Accountability: We are each personally accountable and jointly responsible for the success of ERM and for the delivery of quality work to our clients
  • Caring for our people: We are looking after our people, their safety, well-being, and development. We also treat each other with respect.
  • Client focus: We value entrepreneurial, innovative and client-orientated behavior
  • Collaboration: We are one organization globally: we believe in the principles of partnership, respect for each and every individual and mutual support across the world.
  • Empowerment: We will help all our people to realize their potential
  • Transparency: We expect the highest level of ethical behavior and personal integrity in all our transactions in accordance with our ERM Code of Business Conduct and Ethics