The Low Carbon Enterprise Fund

Supporting low carbon enterprises around the world

Solar systems for rural households, Brazil

The Low Carbon Enterprise Fund (LCEF) is a global program of the ERM It was established in 2008 to address the issue of climate change by providing finance, technical and management support for low carbon entrepreneurs in the developing world. The financial support we provide is in the form of low interest loans and equity rather than grant funding; we believe that by employing private sector principles, the businesses we work with are given the best chance of long term, commercial success.

The LCEF’s management and running costs are covered by ERM, so all the donations we receive go direct to the low carbon ventures we work with.

We are enormously grateful to the external donors and ERM partners who have contributed to the Fund. With the US $1.1million LCEF I fund now fully invested, we are particularly grateful to the DOEN Foundation which is co-funding our new US $1.2million LCEF II fund. We very much look forward to working with DOEN over the coming months and years to support more low carbon entrepreneurs.

Download the Low Carbon Enterprise Fund 2014 Annual Review (1Mb PDF)

Why the technology matters: demystifying technology based ventures for impact investors (1Mb PDF)


Investment Portfolio

Investments made in low carbon entrepreneurs.

Technical Support

Pro-bono specialist advice provided on technical and business issues.